New Soundtrack Pricing
Check Or Money order:

1-4 tracks $85 per song (not including fiddle or violin)
5-10 songs (same order) $75 per song (not including fiddle or violin)
Rush order $100 per song

Encores and reprises are considered $10 extra depending on length.

To order a custom soundtrack I will need a demo arrangement with at least one instrument and one vocal of the song you are wanting produced. If it is a song you want replicated just send a copy of the song. I will need to know the key(s) and arrangement (intro,verse, chorus..ect.)

Welcome to Rose of Sharen Productions. Here you can Order a Custom soundtrack to be made to fit your ministry's style and key.
Custom Soundtracks
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Welcome to
Rose of Sharen Productions

Fiddle or Violin by Mark Lewis is available for an extra $20 per song after total.
There is $3 per song fee when you use a credit card or debit card.