#1 question - What is your turn around time for a custom track?
Turn around time varies depending on the number of songs you send as well as how much work I might have ahead of you. However, I try my best to meet recording dates as long as I am notified in advance. I will do rush orders on the weekend for price depends on the track. Otherwise, I do the tracks in the order they arrive.

#2 Do you read music?
No, I play by ear only. Flats, sharps and all of that are foreign to me. However, I can listen to a song and tell what key it's in. The only explaination I have of this is God and God alone.

#3 How many instruments are included in the price of a custom track?
Orchestrated tracks with strings, woodwinds, brass, ect. are $100 per song. Other tracks to be replicated that are not orchestrated such as “He saw it all” by the Booth Brothers is $85 per song. Songs written by you or someone else that has not been recorded is $85 per song. The instumentation depends on the type of song.
#4 Are you the one playing all the instruments in both the custom and performance only tracks?
Yes, only me. I am the musician, producer, secretary, and public relations all in one. Mark Lewis can do the fiddle or violin for and extra $20 per song after discount total.

#5 Are the instruments computer generated or live?
#6 Do I pay a lease fee when recording with a Rose Of Sharen track?
The piano is a Clavanova, strings and ochestration are a Korg triton, the drums are Roland V6 but all other instruments are live.

No, not for the custom tracks. Once you pay the initial price it's yours to perform or record with. However, it is up to you to compensate the song writer's royalties.

#7 May I resale a Rose Of Sharen Soundtrack as a soundtrack?
#8 How can I publish or copyright the songs I write?
If the song is an original song with permission from the songwriter may you duplicate soundtracks. However, I would appreciate credit for the music.

Studios should contact me for permission when using ROS soundtracks for projects other than the original soundtrack client.

Kyla Rowland has great information and instructions of these topics on her website:

#9 Why do I need both a vocal and a instrument on my demos that I send to you?
#10 Why is it important to write down the titles to my song(s)?
#11 Do you save soundtracks?
#12 Do you do vocals on your soundtracks?
When I receive a demo I chart out the song in the Nashville number system. If you only send a vocal demo, it is hard to know how many measures to hold out a line, tempo of the song, and sometimes the key is hard to pick up.

If you only send the music to song I am not familiar with, it takes twice as long to do the track for you.

So that I can make the CD labels and keep the tracks in my data base.

Yes, I have a mixed copy of every track I do. I only keep the un-mixed version up to 4 weeks. That is why it is important that I hear back from you after you recieved your track so that I know everything is okay.

No, not at this time. I am working on building my own studio where groups and individuals can record vocals to complete a project.

#13 Are my songs that I have written safe with you?
Absolutely, I am the only one that hears the songs that you send. Also, I am a songwriter myself and know how important it is to protect them.

You're On the right track with Rose Of Sharen Productions!
#14 What equipment do you use for soundtrack production?
Pro Tools Le recording program with plugins, Fender Statocaster & Telecaster Guitars,  Carter pedal steel, Shure & Audio Technica mics, Alvarez guitars, Hohner & Lee Oscar Harmonicas, Roland, Korg & Clavanova Keyboards, Roland V-6 Drums, Regal Dobro, Bently Mandolin, Tascam CD-Rw900SL Recorder, Sony Mini Disc